TrackIR Snapin for Web Servers?

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TrackIR Snapin for Web Servers?

Post by kronovan » Mon Apr 15, 2019 12:56 pm

Has TrackIR ever considered producing a snapin for webservers? Such as a daemon for Apache or an installed service for MS Internet Information Server? With the persistent encroachment into the virtual gaming space with VR devices, it seems to me this could potentially be a cool, new market for TrackIR. I sometimes run webserver hosted Virtual tabletops like Roll20 for hosting pen'n'paper RPGs. It'd be very cool to have a means to head track for some of the features; i.e. zooming and panning PNG maps or popping up context menus.

Last year at a gaming CON I met a 3D programmer that was building websites with virtual archaeological tours. The idea behind the project, was to capture historical sites in detail and then present a virtual representation of them to preserve them (at least virtually) against terrorist destruction; i.e. destruction of Plamyra by ISIL and the Taleban's destruction of the Buddha at Bamyan. In the past we also had the flooding of Khazar Sarkel by the Soviet Union and ancient Nubian sites by Egypt's by the Aswan dam. With the price TrackIR is sold at, it seems to me it could be attractive to schools who want have the device on hand to tour these virtual sites.

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Re: TrackIR Snapin for Web Servers?

Post by joe.lee » Tue Apr 30, 2019 2:22 pm

Hello kronovan,

Thank you for sharing your feedback!

Running TrackIR data on a web server was not considered before as most of our application is used for simulation applications and 3D FPS games, and these would be a bit heavy to run on a web server. It would be possible to develop something like this using the SDK, but I think there will be some difficulties making it work in terms of latency and data handling. However, this is not something we intend to support.

I hope this answers the question. Please discuss in this thread if anyone else has a different thought on this.

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