Messages getting slower?

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Messages getting slower?

Post by Osram » Sun Nov 24, 2002 9:10 am

A technical question on Windows messaging.

I can now move my virtual head in BoB with TrackIR.

It is nice at first, but after a small time it gets "delayed" and "rough". Realising this is a timing issue, I output the times at:
- receiving a WM_USER+5 with pitch info
- rendering a frame
- using the last pitch value for calculating the virtual head.

The frames come about every 50 milliseconds. That's fairly constant.

At first the messages arrive at about 60 Hertz, but sometimes there is a "phase" with very few messages arriving and then a batch of them arrives.

Does anyone know how I can debug that? I would like to know when the messages were send, but since I use a WindowProc, I do not know how to get the time the message has been send. It almost sounds to me like something is too busy and therefore windows does not allocate time to the naturalpoint exe or to the part of the BoB code that receives the messages.

Any other helpful ideas?

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Re: Messages getting slower?

Post by Jim » Sun Nov 24, 2002 4:48 pm


I have alerted Birch to your post, so he should reply in a day or so.

I remember having a similar problem with our Active X control application, but I think they fixed it by increasing the priority of the application. It does sound like Windows is just busy doing something else. Perhaps there is a way of making the timing always 60Hz.

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