Better compatability with Active Camera Pro

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Better compatability with Active Camera Pro

Post by rex » Fri Oct 18, 2002 12:45 am

I've been using 3d glasses with the Track Ir and Active Camera Pro. The effects are amazing.

The problems I seem to have are:

Track Ir in Fs2002 mode -

the head latency feature seems to conflict, panning is fine, but jumps around when HL is active in ACP.

Track IR in FPS mode -

Panning works fine with head latency. But when I look to the edges of the screen the centering changes. I must readjust the mouse to see a centered view.

The mouse pointer does not dissapear.

I wish for better compatabilty, or possibly a .dll file that would allow these products to be used together in the FS2002 mode.


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