Keep on truckin'!

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Keep on truckin'!

Post by LilOne » Fri Jan 22, 2010 3:44 am

Unlike most others here (from what I read) I prefer to stay on the ground, as much as possible anyway, given the nature of my favourite simulators. You see, I have always enjoyed truck simulators but also always had the unpleasant kind of surprises around corners of intersections and tight bends - wondering what is there, having to push this or that key to look and then it only turns my virtual head to the maximum of a predetermined angle, utterly killing any chance of hoping to see where I am going at the same time and even turning my virtual head too far at times... :(

So, last year (yes, I am a slow poster, heh) I finally had a chance to get TrackIR 5 from saving up money (being poor and all, sniff) and oh boy, did it change everything! Not only can I glance to the sides to see if there is something there, whether it ought to be there or not, but I can also reverse with the trailer in a much safer fashion, glancing in the external rearview mirrors - now all I need is two more monitors so I get my peripheral vision too, heh!

But even with only a single monitor TrackIR is doubtlessly the best piece of equipment I have ever gotten for my trucking needs, right next after the steering wheel! Now I could never go back to play without it, oh no no no. I only get unpleasant surprises from insane AI traffic now, heheh! :whistle:

So, thank you for providing this product, I certainly have been and am getting full value from it! Woohoo! :D

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Seth Steiling
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Re: Keep on truckin'!

Post by Seth Steiling » Fri Jan 22, 2010 10:29 am

Glad to hear that your TrackIR has been treating you well. Thanks for sharing! :)
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