Grand Prix Legends (GPL) support

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Re: Grand Prix Legends (GPL) support

Post by Pruitt » Thu Sep 02, 2004 1:27 am

I finally had a chance to give this utility a try. It works quite well! Thanks for creating it, JSJ!

My only problem is I'm much more used to using TrackIR in Enhanced mode. I've never really used it in Mouse mode before. The inability to set deadbands and control the speed as well is definitely a drawback. Not the utilities fault at all, just a matter of circumstances.

After toying with it for a few days, I've decided to stop using it for now. For some reason I was not able to setup the "Enable" toggle and "Center" button on my wheel (Logitech Non-FF GP). I'm not sure why, but it simply wouldn't work, even though I set it up in the Logitech profiling software. For some reason it seemed like the TrackIR software could not detect the button presses from the wheel. This was true whether I was in GPL or out on my desktop. Quite strange as it worked fine for me in WWIIOL and my Saitek joystick. Maybe it's a problem with the logitech software. But after tinkering with it for a while, I gave up.

If I could have gotten that to work, I'd probably use the utility for Mouselook, but not being able to recenter easily from my controller was what made me decide to stop using it.

I will keep a close eye on this utility though. I'm hoping you can manage to get Enhanced mode to work. If you can, I should be able to then build a profile I can work with.

Thanks again!!

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