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Re: Upgrade path TR3Pro to Latest

Post by ZyronEnder » Sun Nov 20, 2005 11:37 am

>There loss as they would of got more profit if i knew TIR4 was coming out.

Good heavens. If they announced that a new generation of the hardware was being in released 6 months, it would have a *huge* impact on sales for at least those 6 months and possibly more.

Imagine what happens when as many as 1/2 of prospective purchasers decide to wait not wanting to get the "old" technology. That means a 50% drop in TrackIR revenue. Then, once TrackIR4 actually comes out, only half of those who actually waited would go ahead and buy. There are of course a zillion reasons why this is - alot can happen in 6 months - maybe they spent their money on a HOTAS joystick instead or whatever.

Worse yet for NaturalPoint though, is the risk that what if during the final 6 months of development they discover some technical glitch that they never anticipated and it pushes back the release so instead of coming out at the end of Nov, they have to release early next year?? Now, not only have they managed to extend the already lengthy period of reduced sales but there are legions of grumpy customers who are pissing and moaning about "broken promises" and unhappy that they've already had to wait 6 months (an exhorbitant amount of time) and well, now they are going to ask for something else for Christmas!!

Giving NaturalPoint a hard time because they - like every other hardware company - continue to improve their products is self defeating. At the end of the day, what all of us want is for more game publishers to incorporate TrackIR support into their games. The more the product is improved and the more units get out into user's hands - then the more publishers will be willing to do.

Now *THAT* is something that would make all of us happy.

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