John Carmack on Head Tracking systems...

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John Carmack on Head Tracking systems...

Post by dinky » Mon Aug 07, 2006 2:54 pm

If you don't know who John Carmack is then I'll understand and let it slide since you are probably a racing simulator/flight simulator jocky and don't know much about FPS and it's technology.

John Carmack:

John Carmack is a co-founder of Id software (Doom series, Quake series). Carmack has single handley raised the bar in game technology so many times since the 90's. And they actually INVENTED the First Person Shooter, and Deathmatch (free for all multiplayer).

Every year his company hosts an event called QuakeCon, and every year at QuakeCon he gives a Keynote speech about his thoughts on what steps the gaming industry is making to advance itself, and after that he takes questions about anything (gaming or not) from the fans.

This was my second year attending, QuakeCon just ended August 6th.

During the Q&A session, someone had asked him about head tracking systems. Carmack replied that he was very enthusiastic about head tracking systems, but he has never seen anything that really did the job well (he said it in more words than I did).

I really wanted to ask him if he had heard about NaturalPoint and Trackir, but I didn't get a chance. But he mentioned once the question segment was over that he would talk to anyone that wanted to follow up on what was discussed off stage.

So obviously I rushed over and I asked him if he had heard of NaturalPoint's Trackir system and he said he hadn't, so I told him about it.... But uhh... Yeah that's pretty much end of story.

He seemed very excited about the idea of an accurate, sensitive and reliable tracking system. I think, for NaturalPoint, talking to John Carmack/Id software about something might just be a good idea.

Maybe you could get into next year's QuakeCon for a little publicity, get the gamers there to try out the Trackir system at a Vendor area.

I've got really nothing else to say about this, just wanted to make people (and especially NaturalPoint) notice this since I really love this product and I want to see it get some more freaging publicity!!! And I'd love to see it at next year's QuakeCon

If you have anything to ask me, post it here and I'll answer if I can.

But everyone, check out the QuakeCon website and if you want, John Carmacks Wiki.

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Re: John Carmack on Head Tracking systems...

Post by VincentG » Tue Aug 08, 2006 9:16 am

Thanks Dinky,

I believe we are already in contact with some fellows at id Software, and have sent them units, so we�ll check in to see what�s up.�

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Re: John Carmack on Head Tracking systems...

Post by Magic Man » Fri Aug 11, 2006 12:53 am

Neither Carmack nor ID invented the first person shooter. There were games before Wolfenstein and Doom you know...

They may have coined a phrase, but not the genre...

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