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Old user returning

Posted: Sat Feb 26, 2011 11:46 am
by Rasputitsa
I bought 4 Pro some time ago, worked fine, enjoyed it, then got a new computer and could not connect the device. Got warning about exceeding power limit on USB. Contacted NaturalPoint, who sent new unit, same problem, gave up.

Now I would like to try again, noticing that one question comes up in the support forums 'are you using a hub', so the question is, will using a powered hub avoid causing power problems with the computer USB system.

I have just bought a new computer, now the third one to have the same power problem with direct USB connection. I have not tried a hub yet in case it is not suitable for the TIR 4 Pro. :)

Re: Old user returning

Posted: Mon Feb 28, 2011 12:10 pm
by NaturalPoint - Mike
What type of computer do you have? Are the USB ports 1.1?

Using the TrackIR on a powered (has its own power brick that plugs into an outlet) USB hub is fine. If you have an older computer with unpowered or underpowered USB ports, you would definately have this issue.

Re: Old user returning

Posted: Mon Feb 28, 2011 2:12 pm
by Rasputitsa
Thanks for the response, the original computer that successfully ran TrackIR is now long gone. It is the newer computers that I have been using have had the USB problem. I am assuming they are 1.1, but I also have a powered hub, which I will now use, to see if it resolves the problem. Thanks.