After 5 days use, some things I've noticed.

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Re: After 5 days use, some things I've noticed.

Post by Wayne » Wed Jul 07, 2004 4:51 pm


Thank you for your detailed post. If you could e-mail me the error message this would help me very much.

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After 5 days use, some things I've noticed.

Post by Demarii » Wed Jul 07, 2004 5:53 pm

Positioning of the reflectors in front of the camera is quite important. While its possible to re-center using f12 if your actually not center for the camera it can make looking up or a certain direction more difficult.

While I found Kaf's profile worked very well initially I had to modify the Y axis for a bit more speed at the extremes, while for the X axis I actually very little speed difference from position 0 to pos 50. Unlike Y axis where the speeds go 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, the X run 1,1,2,2,3,3,4,4 I believe. I attribute this to having more movement range from my pivot left to right as opposed to up and down.

Once i got comfortable with the system I found I had to remove the deadband around center, I couldn't stand the pausing at front view as I glanced from left to right etc.

I found I am happiest with my view and controlling in a plane when I center my view by looking at the bottom half of my monitor. That tends to have me always looking up over my control console a bit and if I want glance at the guages I have to actually look more fully down, it also seems to require less upward movement to get a full 90 degree look up that way.

I noticed I have alot of body motion when I fly and especially while dogfighting but I am getting used to it. I find body movement can be very useful actually in controlling where one wants to look.

For instance if you want to look left and up I find it is much easier to lean to the left while looking up and a bit left. Or if I want to do a quick left-6/right-6 check if I just bob my head left to right in the extreme I do a fast full pan. Using the body more once you have control of it really helps take the load off the neck alot of the time when you flying for long durations.

One thing I think would make a great addition to the software would be another button that lets you Pause or Freeze your view in a position. Like when your flying formation but you need to take a sip on your beer etc. =)

I have had a few crashes with the software, and I believe there is a range, or perhaps and out-of-range point that either freaks the software, or the game itself out. Sometimes if I disable it a bit and then try to recenter it comes back, but if its the trackIR control software I will have to restart both it and the game. It only seems to happen when I look back and right too aggressively and possibly lean right out of the camera's view.

The other time the trackIR software has crashed was when I popped back to windows to enable my X45 flight profile. Its USB too, so mabye they confused each other.

One other thing that has me confused, sometimes it seems like after a while of playing sometimes I hop to the TrackIR software and in the Tracking Camera view I see a glitches, or a few wierd looking static IR signatures in the viewport. I'm not sure if this is reaction from a lightsource from another desk behind me, or something caused by jumping out of the game, but the system seems to work fine, it just freaked me out the first time I noticed it.

Is there some email or place on the website/forum I should save error messages from these crashes and send them to for looking at by the Naturalpoint team?

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