FPS Games e.g AA 2.8.4 or Dead Space Supported?

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FPS Games e.g AA 2.8.4 or Dead Space Supported?

Post by m14scharfschutze » Fri Oct 31, 2008 1:26 pm

Hi there,

I am thinking on buying a TrackIr 4 Pro. I read in this forum about some of the old AA versins but I wanted to know if it is compatible with the actual and future AA versions. And is it compatible with e.g. Dead Space, Hitman (These are 3rd PS) OR cod4 , cod2?


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Re: FPS Games e.g AA 2.8.4 or Dead Space Supported?

Post by Seth Steiling » Fri Oct 31, 2008 2:02 pm

Hi Akira,

We do have some support in America's Army, but it's currently pretty limited. The main obstacle has been how previous AA versions managed their view control and aiming. However, in 3.0/3.1, there is a good chance that they will have made separating the two quite simple, which would mean that TrackIR implementation would be much more feasible. The developers have indicated that extensive TrackIR support could be included at that time.

Other FPS/tactical shooters that TrackIR is already in:

Armed Assault
Battleground Europe: WWII Online
Virtual Battle Space 2 (military training simulation built on same engine as Armed Assault)

Coming soon:

Armed Assault 2
The Sky Gods (formerly Ground Branch)

I can think of around 5-6 other FPS that TrackIR is currently being evaluated for inclusion in, but I can't disclose the specific titles at this time.

We are not in Dead Space, Hitman, or COD 1-4. While we would love to be in each of those games, the decision is ultimately up to the developers. We can provide them the means to include TrackIR in their game, but they have to decide to implement. However, you can be sure that we're pinging the developers of every major flight, racing, and shooter title around. :)
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