Mount & Blade Warband

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Mount & Blade Warband

Post by RSColonel_131st » Tue Sep 15, 2009 2:12 am

Hi all

As some may be aware, the Medieval "Ground Combat Simulation"/RPG by the name of Mount&Blade is due to receive an expansion called Warband. The website of the game is here:

Now, the thing is: Right now the devs have coded it so the mouse controls both view, and the sword/weapon. AND they already have a "freelook" key in game which allows you to turn your head around independent of your body (like the ALT key in Arma/Arma2 does).

They also have an analouge zoom function in game for player FOV, which by default zooms from 90 to 30 degrees, but could be used for anything in between.

So I think this title is just screaming for TrackIR support. In mounted combat, the left WASD keys would control the horse, the right mouse hand controls the weapon/direction of slashing/stabbing, and the Tracker could take over the head/view movements. It would be the perfect showcase for TrackIR in Ground Combat, even better than Arma (where firing a weapon, after all, still most often has the same direction as the view) because in M&B, it's totally possible and even desirable to move the weapon in a different direction from the view angle (for example, slash upwards/stab while looking down).

So, please get pestering them about implementing it ;)

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