Wireless product

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Wireless product

Post by molleh » Mon Apr 01, 2013 8:39 pm

I'm really surprised you guys (@ NaturalPoint) have not yet engineered a battery-powered (i.e. wireless) version of the TCP yet. I know it's possible to hack something up to get the desired result (I've done it a couple of times myself, to varying degrees of success) but it seems like this would be a no brainer to develop and market. I'm using right now a single rechargeable AA battery in one of those emergency cell phone chargers that look like a tube of lipstick. But of course it could be engineered with a casing to hold a battery and a clip to easily swap it out.

Another thing to examine would be a way to utilize a TrackClip Pro without a headset. I've put together a TCP attached to a plastic (comfy and gender neutral ;) ) headband with the battery pack attached next to it. This is light enough to forget it's on your head and you can avoid the discomfort of wearing headphones for long periods of time (or you can take advantage of the expensive speakers you otherwise can't use when using the TCP...)

I understand TrackIR is a very niche product but this upgrade would no doubt be a quick seller to those who already use TrackIR and would likely encourage more tech adopters.

Sorry to rant, I just really wish NP would get "back in the saddle" and innovate again in the PC head tracking market.

Either that or really impress us with webcam-based intelligent head tracking that actually works well :)

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Re: Wireless product

Post by Seth Steiling » Thu Apr 04, 2013 4:00 pm

Hi Molleh,

We really want to work on this. I totally agree that there's a great opportunity here, and many users would love to see something wireless from us. Right now it's mainly a matter of freeing up some engineering resources, which are primarily tied up on some big projects on another product line. It's still on the roadmap though!

- Seth
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