Question about skeleton

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Re: Question about skeleton

Post by laneway » Wed Nov 09, 2011 10:42 pm

I have worked with NatNet on my client app. From NatNet I have received position in mm and rotation in quaternion. I convert quat to euler by means of GetEulers function from SampleClient3d. But my values of a euler angle is differ a little from the Arena one displayed.

After some tests I have found that order of rotation axes in SampleClient3d are not the same that in Arena.

and euler angles in the bvh file exported from arena is different from my values, too.

Could some one help, how to work with NatNet quaternion values to receive rotation like in Arena?
or can you tell me how to convert quat to right euler angle like bvh file exported from arena using the function "Eul_FromQuat"?
how to find a right output euler angles order for every bones?

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