Problem with TT_TrackableMarker

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Problem with TT_TrackableMarker

Post by Asa_E-E » Mon Aug 06, 2012 7:31 am

I have been working on wrapping the Tracking Tools 2.5 API using Cython. Currently, I have almost all the trackables functionality implemented. However, I cannot get TT_TrackableMarker to work. The data that I get from this function always remains constant, regardless of how much I move the trackable. I'm especially confused by this because both TrackableLocation and TrackablePointCloudMarker work perfectly.

Any thoughts as to what might be wrong? Could there be a problem with the function itself? My only other thought is that it is somehow a problem with either the calibration file or trackable file.


EDIT: Apparently I simply need to dig through the forums more. From another forum post: "TT_MarkerPosition returns the local position of the marker relative to the centroid of the rigid body. If you need the position of an untracked marker, you can use the rigid body centroid position and orientation to transform the value given by TT_MarkerPosition and get the location where the marker would be."

On a separate note, improving the search functionality of the forum would be awesome. Searching TrackableMarker returns no hits (even though the original question that the above answer is from uses TrackableMarker in its title and body).

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