Tracking Tools Synced Start

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Tracking Tools Synced Start

Post by thiagomarinho » Tue Nov 03, 2015 7:20 am


I have a setup with tracking tools V2.5.3 with 6 flex 3 cameras using a single optihub.

I need to write an application to start and stop the data recording upon command. I have a trigger signal which will start the experiment and data acquisition. I am not interested in streaming the data, for an initial application it is fine to save it in csv format. I have a preference for python, matlab or visual basic in order of preference.

I have been studying the forums and manual for 2 days and have identified three different ways to achieve a solution for my problem:
1 - Use the tracking tools API (either with a wrapper like ctypes on python, equivalent on matlab or straight in visual studio). The issue I am having is finding a reference guide on what are the available functions, parameters and how the API work in general. Is there such a thing? I have found some examples but I am a C illiterate (would prefer to avoid learning a new programing language for this project).

2 - Use NatNet SDK on matlab (which is intended for streaming but I have no problem with that as long as I can synch the start and stop). The problem is that the most current version of NatNet(2.7) has some good examples with matlab, but the version I am directed to download at TrackingTools page is an older one(2.2) with no matlab support. I have tried them both (after configuring folder and ip) and I get a blank figure and no error message. I don't know if NatNet SDK v. 2.2 does support matlab or not and if it does what could be my error, since I get no error message.

3 - An analog trigger frame by frame. This is my fallback option, Send a pulse frame by frame on the external synch on optihub.

Can anyone provide any advice or sample code on what is the easiest way to achieve my objective? Or just any feedback on the problems I have described.

thank you,

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Re: Tracking Tools Synced Start

Post by beckdo » Mon Dec 28, 2015 4:51 pm

Hi thiagomarinho,

I apologize for the slow response. Unfortunately, this post being in retired products caused it to be overlooked.

Unfortunately, in the Tracking Tools there is basically no support for start/stop recording. The only approach that has a chance is #3. However, it's not going to split separate sections of your recordings into separate recordings. They will be all in the same single recording and will have jumps in time where you were not recording.

The latest Motive has some basic support for automated triggering of individual recordings.


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