Multi Camera setup

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Multi Camera setup

Post by oschnit » Sat Sep 26, 2009 3:00 am


My colleges and I use 12 Opti-track cameras for position & orientation feedback in an automatic vehicle control laboratory.
The room floor is about 4x6 meters and the ceiling is not much higher than 3 meters. We have placed the cameras as suggested (12 camera truss setup, but drilled to a wall instead of a truss). Our capture volume is not good enough. The corners of the floor are dead zones and the higher up you go the dead zone grows until a height of 1.5 m' where not even the middle of the room is covered.
The captured volume as seen in the tracking tools program is mostly underground. We believe the reason is that the cameras are not high enough. If we try to point the cameras a bit up, they see each other which we understand is bad news.
Would adding more cameras help?

Is it a good idea replacing to large field of view lens and replacing the passive reflectors with 850nm leds on the vehicles?

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Re: Multi Camera setup

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