Tracking Tools 2.2 Beta 2 now available

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Tracking Tools 2.2 Beta 2 now available

Post by Birch » Fri May 14, 2010 5:57 pm

NaturalPoint is pleased to announce a new beta release of the Tracking Tools software. We invite you to try the software and share your feedback with us.

Download the Tracking Tools 2.2 Beta 2 installer : ... eta.02.exe

Documentation : ... index.html

NatNet notice :
To ensure streaming works for clients using NatNet, either rebuild using the NatNet 2.2 SDK (coming soon) or change the following settings in the streaming panel

Code: Select all

(for NatNet 2.1 or older)
Multicast IP =
Multicast port = 1001
Changes :
Tracking Tools 2.2 Beta 2 :
* Added scrollbars to calibration window
* Added notification when calibration is ready to apply
* Changed default settings for V100R2 cameras
* Fixed 2 marker rigid body translational dynamic constraint
* Fixed C3D support for variable marker counts
* Improved tracking for 3+ marker rigid bodies

Previous beta releases :

Changes in Beta 1 :
* Added 3-Marker Camera Calibration
* Added C3D Export
* Added option to refine calibration with additional wanding
* Added background marker warning during calibration
* Added option to manually select ground plane markers
* Added calibration quality to save dialogs
* Added calibration quality visualization
* Added option to save calibration wanding data
* Added time/date stamp to save dialogs
* Added marker filtering overlay notice in 2D views
* Added option to change NatNet streaming ports
* Added option to change Natnet streaming multicast IP
* Added option to select Natnet streaming network interface
* Added tracking of 2 marker rigid bodies (translation only)
* Added rigid body name overlay in 3D view
* Added rigid body solver options
* Added support for setting rigid body pivot from a marker
* Added support for reseting rigid body pivot
* Added option to toggle hardware mask
* Added warning when frame rate for an individual camera is changed
* Added option to orient all 2D camera views using their physical orientation
* Improved performance of rigid body solver
* Improved project explorer to list non-camera devices separately
* Improved project explorer to sort cameras by ID
* Improved calibration file to store camera settings
* Improved calibration compatibility with Arena/Expression
* Improved 3D rendering performance
* Improved hot-plugging of cameras to match settings of other cameras
* Improved camera intrinsic 3D-to-2D back-projection to be exact
* Improved mouse wheel zoom
* Improved camera reliability on startup
* Changed hardware mask behavior for grayscale modes (off by default)
* Changed 2D filtering to check size and circle fit by default
* Fixed marker selection halo to draw correctly at any aspect
* Added (API) TT_FinalCleanup() to shut down driver threads on exit
* Added (API) Grayscale Decimation access and control functions
* Added (API) TT_TrackableTranslatePivot
* Fixed (API) issue when calling initialize/shutdown multiple times
* Fixed (API) issue with TT_TrackableName()
* Changed (API) BOOLs to bool

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Re: Tracking Tools 2.2 Beta 2 now available

Post by simonal » Wed Jun 02, 2010 11:55 pm

I got some strange results with the 3-marker calibration when I had one of the cameras tilted 90 degrees. When selecting markers, the crosshairs in the camera veiw for the tilted camera showed a significant offset to the marker positions.

Can you try this out? it may be a bug that has impact on calibration results even with smaller amount of tilt.

Setup: TT 2.2.0 Beta2
2 cameras rotated 180 degrees, one 90 degrees.

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Re: Tracking Tools 2.2 Beta 2 now available

Post by beckdo » Thu Jun 03, 2010 12:37 pm

Camera orientation in itself does not affect the calibration results. If that camera ultimately lacks appropriate coverage or sufficient wanding samples, poor solution quality could result.

Send your wanding data from the Tracking Tools to support and I will have a look.

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