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Large capture volume - and many trackables

Posted: Tue Jun 22, 2010 1:23 pm
by kahl_hellmer

in a project we're tracking four people (full body) for a real-time application. On each person we've mounted 6 rigid bodies (all in all 24 individual 3 marker trackables). The capture volume is approx. 4x4 metres and 15 Optitrack V100r2 cameras have been mounted at 3 and 4 metres height in a roughly 6x6 square.

The capture quality is quite good at the center "sweet spot" and decent in the edges. All trackables are also individually tracked as long as not more than 18-20 of them are present in the capture volume.

I've timed the TT_Update() call, and it does not exceed 7 ms when all trackables are visible. It seems as if all individual markers are tracked and there are no drop-frames that would explicitly indicate an overload.

Are there any specs as to the performance of the cameras in a scenario like this? Has anyone ever pushed the system this far and can perhaps share some tricks with me?