Set maximum number of markers for rigid body

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Set maximum number of markers for rigid body

Post by sprussell » Wed Aug 18, 2010 5:31 pm

Hopefully this hasn't been answered before, I searched the forums but couldn't find anything. Anyway, my question is: is there a way to change the maximum number of markers Tracking Tools can use to define a rigid body? Currently, if I select more than 7 markers it tells me there are too many to define the rigid body. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

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Re: Set maximum number of markers for rigid body

Post by beckdo » Thu Aug 19, 2010 3:17 pm

Unfortunately, 7 is the maximum number of markers for any given single rigid body. Rigid Body solver does an excellent job of yielding the maximum amount of accuracy for a given number of markers. However the down-side is that going beyond 7 markers would start to become oppressively CPU intensive.

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Re: Set maximum number of markers for rigid body

Post by henderso » Sat Nov 20, 2010 10:15 am

We've also been looking at how to extend the number of trackables and/or markers.

An idea we haven't tried yet is to use the API to dynamically enable and disable markers/trackables based on some application state.

For example, if you are desiring to track both hands, but the hands are never required to be tracked simultaneously, then you could use API calls to tell the TT engine to disable certain rigid bodies (say disable the left hand and enable the right hand). While I haven't tried this, I'm thinking this would (1) increase the speed of the tracking [assumption: TT won't dedicate resources looking for or solving for disabled trackables] and (2) eliminate ambuguities in the trackables.

Again, haven't tested this yet but maybe it will help.

Yet another option is to use more machines an additional TT licenses.

While neither of these options get past the limit of 7 markers per trackable, you could subdivide your trackables into many units of 7 then use your own code to combine them.


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