[Matlab] Download entire take?

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[Matlab] Download entire take?

Post by zoltan » Mon Sep 13, 2021 11:55 pm

Hi all,

I am using Matlab to access OptiTrack data, just started playing with the NatNet SDK. I can see how I can stream data, which is great to access real-time positions.

So the idea is, that, after connecting to the system and configuring the markers:
-I name the take
-I start recording
-I get the marker positions while recording
-I stop recording.
-Rinse, repeat :)

Now as far as I can tell, I can play back the recording, but it appears to be real-time: a 10 minute recording will take 10 minutes of streaming to download. I want to speed this up, because I won't have enough time to record all marker positions while recording and streaming.

How can I download the positions (ideally of the rigid bodies I want) of the entire recording?

If that's not possible, is there a file format description of the .TAK files? I can see it is some form XML, but it also contains binary data.


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