NatNet - Android data streaming

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Re: NatNet - Android data streaming

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is NatNet compatible with the Java? is it still uncompatible? WhatsApp Aero APK

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Re: NatNet - Android data streaming

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Mon Nov 04, 2013 2:31 am
Hello,gb whatsapp
my name is Jan. I am working with OptiTrack system. I developed easy client application based on OpenGL and C++ in Eclipse. This app can connect to NatNet server running in Motive software and shows Rigid Body position in 3D. It was easy maybe 2 days.
Next I need developed some similarity client for Android system. Android is new for me because I am C++ developer. So I don't know how to link NatNet c++ libs with Java in Android. Is it possible to create some wrapper for NatNet or I will have to create myself wrapper packet client without NatNet libs in Android? For future I want to use Unity3D with Android and create client.
How is best way to connect running NatNet server in Motive from Android? It is very important for me. Than you for your response.
Please share Android version of the easy client app with us.
Is the Android nd IOS method is different?
installing method of iOS application is same as Android method, like we install any application in Android. But a connecting method of iOS and Android is totally different.

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