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How can i get the RigidBody Data

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by Seongjoo » Thu Mar 30, 2017 12:53 pm

Hello, I use Motive:Tracker

I attached four markers to the drones.
Motive detected the markers.
I create a rigid body and named it drone.
I check the project tap and Rigid body real-time info
- Drone

Ridgid Body:Drone
Real-Time Info
(4 of 4 markers)
X -372.862
Y -36.840
Z 1895.850
I use NatNet SDK and I tried to data streaming(Using code based sample project)

But I could not get rigid body data
Why the sample say Rigid bodies [Count=0]
How can i get the real-time Info?

Sample Log
FrameID : 1077862
Timestamp : 8982.18
Latency : 8982.18
Timecode : 00:00:00:00.0
Other Markers [Count=0]
Rigid Bodies [Count=0]
Skeletons [Count=]
Labeled Markers [Count=4]
Labeled Marker [ModelID=5, MarkerID=1, Occluded=0 ~
Labeled Marker [ModelID=5, MarkerID=2, Occluded=0 ~
Labeled Marker [ModelID=5, MarkerID=3, Occluded=0 ~
Labeled Marker [ModelID=5, MarkerID=4, Occluded=0 ~
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by steven.andrews » Fri Mar 31, 2017 1:16 pm

Hi Seongjoo,

Have you tried running the pre-compiled samples to see if the rigid body is displayed there? I would suggest running the WinForms Test App.

You may also want to check your Stream Settings in Motive, to be sure Rigid Bodies are enabled.

If you continue to struggle with this, please feel free to reach out to us directly at

Steven Andrews
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