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Motive SDK development

Post by jbausano » Wed Jul 05, 2017 7:27 am

Hi everyone, new user here. We have an eight Prime 13 camera system we've been experimenting with for a year or so. We are in an industrial setting, using the system to track different objects in our work booths, i.e. carts, tools... We want to start using the SDK (or something else) to build apps that track rigid bodies and present the information to our staff in a simple GUI. We have built a few little python scripts that can connect to the Motive data stream, and display the rigid body data.

We are trying to build a system that tracks the types and counts of particular rigid bodies in a work booth. The system will be permanently installed in the booth. The app / GUI will be used by technicians, folks that don't want to have to deal with any details of the tracking system, they just want a listing of rigid body types and counts in the booth at any one time.

So, I'm investigating how we can build such an app. Does Motive have a headless version? I'm trying to determine what this simple app would look like, and how we could implement it. I'm particularly concerned with how the app would launch, it has to be a single click start solution. The folks are not going to launch Motive, click the stream rigid bodies box, launch another app, it needs to be a single click and boom there is the GUI showing data.

Also, can calibration, or actually, re-calibration be scripted somehow? Or, is that something that must be done from inside the Motive GUI? I'm hearing Motive 2.0 might has some cool new calibration features, but don't know any particulars.

We've pretty new to the OptiTrack family, so if there is an a better (maybe obvious to some) way to accomplish this that we're over looking, please let me know.

Thanks everyone!

John Bausano

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Re: Motive SDK development

Post by steven.andrews » Wed Jul 05, 2017 1:37 pm

Hi John,

Most of what you want to achieve could be done using the Motive API. Utilizing the API will essentially be like running Motive without the UI. There are some limitations, such as calibrations only being possible through The UI. Using the API, however, you could develop an application that is able to load a Project file containing all required settings, and the latest calibration, so that your users will not need to configure anything.

More information on the API can be found here. ... Motive_API

Steven Andrews
OptiTrack | Senior Customer Support Engineer

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