external trigger- v120 trio

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external trigger- v120 trio

Post by Panero » Fri Jan 26, 2018 8:41 am

Hi to everyone,

I have two Optitrack Bars v120 trio. The bar supports external signal because there is the IO-X box for the internal/external Sync. I am interest on understanding how the bar can register the signal and which type of signal. Particularly, can I send an external signal during the acquisition data (after the start of capture) and register/see it? Or maybe the only way supported by the bar deals with the starting of acquisition after receiving the input?
I would also know if there is a practical way to provide the signal with a homemade external system. Any suggestions about how I can do it?

I hope that someone could help me :-)
I apologize for my inexperience, especially on electrical circuits

Best Regards


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