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polling with Natnet 2.10

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by chti_lolo » Tue Feb 06, 2018 8:39 am

I use the Natnet for C++ version 2.10. but I have a problem. I use 2 machines: one for motive and the other to get the data.

When I try to use in my program the function "GetLastFrameOfData", the return information (sFrameOfMocapData*) is always in 0 (for example nRigidBodies = 0, iFrame = 0 ...) Nevertheless the Pointer is not NULL.

SampleClient.exe have the same ploblem with getlastframeofdata but works with the datahandler callback. The firewall and antivirus are not running on the machine. SampleClient 3D works also and the listener method of Matlab too.

As I don't want to make major change on my software which worked with a Vicon system, I have to use the polling method.

thanks for any help

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