Lost Frames (NatNet)

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Lost Frames (NatNet)

Post by cloude » Sun Jun 10, 2018 10:42 am

I am seeing lost frames with the following workflow.

Windows 10 (surface book) running Motive 1.10.3 streaming to NatNet 3.0 implementation with C#. Both running on same machine.

- This is a replay of a capture with 22170 (180 fps) pushing 9 rigid bodies
- I have tried using loop back and network adapter

My code is using a dedicated thread for the Callback and does very little processing (read data, map pos and rot values, add to a concurrent queue).

I am seeing 40-50 frames dropped over the 2 min playback capture. The pattern is non-deterministic.

It appears that the NatNet SDK is not buffering any frames and/or Windows 10 network buffer is really small.

What techniques should I use to capture 100% of playback frames?


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