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Unity plugin 1.01 and Motive 1.7.5

Posted: Mon Apr 01, 2019 4:19 pm
by msclecram

I'm trying to connect Unity (plugin 1.0.1) with Motive 1.7.5 with skeletons/avatars. However it seems there is an issue with the transformation probably different coordinate systems.

Is there a substantial change or is something that can be fixed in the plugin?
I tried different coordinate systems modifying OptitrackStreamingClient.cs but it seems is not enough:

skelState.BonePoses[boneId].Position = new Vector3( -boneData.X, boneData.Y, boneData.Z );
skelState.BonePoses[boneId].Orientation = new Quaternion( -boneData.QX, boneData.QY, boneData.QZ, -boneData.QW );

Or is there a plugin version working with Motive 1.7.5 and skeletons?