Problem with Mobu streaming rigid body

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Problem with Mobu streaming rigid body

Post by sumnera » Sat Sep 14, 2019 5:39 pm

Hello all;

I'm trying to setup streaming a rigid body with 4 markers to Motion Builder ( and then on to UE4 with their livelink )

When streaming to MoBu, I use the Optical Device to capture the already assigned Rigid Body created in Motive. When I generate the optical model, I correctly get a scene object parent with the 4 markers as child relationship underneath.

Here's the problem: The parent actor doesn't move. No translation or rotation parenting to the base generated object. I need a single base object holding both rotation and transform in order to send it on to UE4 to drive positional controls.

Is the workflow for rigid bodies from motive to be streamed as individual markers and have to create the constraint relationships again inside Motion Builder? This seems like an odd waste of time and the already created Rigid Body from Motive.

Any advice is appreciated!


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