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Nat Net SDK

Posted: Fri Nov 29, 2019 1:11 pm
by Paskual86
Hello, My Name is Pablo and I'm new in this technology. I watched your product and this is very interesting. One client that interesting in using the cameras.
I have some questions regarding the Nat Net SDK.
  • 1 - Is it possible to test the SDK example without a real server?
    2 - There is any simulator?
    3 - The method Connect() is returned 3. According to the manual, the error is related to the network. Is there any log in something part to detect what was the error?
Thanks in advance,

Re: Nat Net SDK

Posted: Mon Dec 02, 2019 12:21 pm
by steven.andrews
Hello Paskual86,

Thank you for reaching out to us regarding your questions.

The NatNet SDK does require our software, which acts as the server. There is, unfortunately, no way to simulate the server; you will need a license for our software.
The error code you are receiving is likely related to the missing server. Without our software, there is nothing to connect to and the connection will fail.

If you are considering a simple tracking solution, you can try one of our tracking bars. Either the V120:Duo or V120:Trio will act as a license for our software, so you would then have our camera tracking as well as the required software.

Steven Andrews
OptiTrack | Senior Customer Support Engineer

Re: Nat Net SDK

Posted: Wed Dec 04, 2019 2:32 am
by Paskual86
Thanks so much