Timestamping in NatNet SDK 3.1

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Timestamping in NatNet SDK 3.1

Post by JosephMatan » Wed Jan 29, 2020 8:04 am


I'm working with the direct depacketization of the PythonClient.py from NatNet SDK 3.1.

Using the direct depacketization, I have access to:
* CameraMidExposureTimestamp
* CameraDataReceivedTimestamp
* TransmitTimestamp
However, if I want to calculate latency, I need to subtract between the timestamps and then divide the result with the clock frequency (HighResClockFrequency) - but I don't understand how to make a direct depacketization of the HighResClockFrequency from the incoming frame.

In addition, is there an absolute timestamp we can give to the frame, so I'll be able to know when is the exact time that the frame has been captured by the cameras ? (to synchronize the frame with some other frames (like audio frames for example) from a different tool).

Help will be much appreciated,

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