MotionBuilder Plugin 2.4 Now Available

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MotionBuilder Plugin 2.4 Now Available

Post by morgan » Wed Mar 16, 2011 10:42 am

Hey Folks,

Version 2.4 of our MotionBuilder Plugin is now available for download.

There are a lot of great changes in this release, including MotionBuilder 2012 support, lots of enhancements to the Insight Virtual Camera System device, and some important updates to the Optical Device.

Please give it a try and let us know what you think!

Installer: ... .2.4.0.exe

Documentation: ... Manual.pdf

Here's a list of what's new, changed, and fixed for this release:

Insight VCS Device (ver 1.4)
Added : MotionBuilder 2012 support.

Added : New default profiles for VCS Pro and VCS Mini now included in \Profiles.

Added : Ease-In movement curve options (cubic, quad, sin) for controller axis motions.

Added : Alternate speed recording. Camera moves can now be recorded at the speed specified by the mobu
transport control (e.g. 1/2x, 1/4x, etc.).

Added : Reset Offset action now takes an optional 3d vector parameter to specify the new position
to offset to, instead of just the origin (defaults to (0,0,0)).

Added : Reset Zoom action now takes a parameter that specifies the focal length to reset to (e.g. 50.0)

Added : Debug logging option.

Added : "Clear Translate Offset On Record" property to allow preserving or keeping previous take's
translate offset when creating a new take and selecting "Copy data from current take..." option.

Added : Rotation Offset vector

Added : Rotation Offset vector axis control actions

Added : Reset Rotation Offset Action

Fixed : Licensing disables OptiTrack server app.

Fixed : Gimbal in the Universal Version.

Fixed : RigidBody names sometimes not correctly reported by TrackingTools.

Fixed : Per-axis rotation scale.

Fixed : Disable individual rotation axes causes major gimbal problems.

Fixed : Wheel Modifier action now preserves curve options.

Fixed : ToggleAxisAction now preserves curve options.

Fixed : Roll Kill.

Fixed : Crash when error occurs during profile save.

Changed : Incompatible Controller/profile notification dialog can overwrite profiles without explaining correctly.

Changed : Automatically clear previous take's focal length keys when creating a new take directly
from the Mobu transport controls buttons.

Changed : Mobu sampling period from 100.0 to current OptiTrack reported server frame rate.

Changed : Initialize default VCS controller LEDs state on startup, all off, Wheel left LED on.
Note : Mobu device deletion thread called during mobu garbage collection can interfere
with LED status light on delete, but does not cause a problem.

Changed : Improved key frame timestamping. Mocap frame data keys are now laid according to timestamps
from the mocap server application.

Changed : Preserve all data. All mocap frames are now written.

Optical Device (ver 1.2)
Added : Mobu 2012 Support

Added : Arena "Expression" property. Check when using the optical device with Arena Expression.

Fixed : Duplicate keys recorded for marker data

Changed : Mobu sampling period from 100.0 to current OptiTrack reported server
frame rate.



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