My 3DOF goes crazy with TrackIR 5

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My 3DOF goes crazy with TrackIR 5

Post by stingkokko » Wed Sep 05, 2018 9:01 am

Hello to all the fans...

I wanted to ask if anyone uses TrackIR 5 motion head together with his dynamic platform.
I simulate with a 3DOF motion system (ProSimu) and a SimTools v2.0 Professional License.

The movements are always perfect in various games simulator but yesterday, after buying and installing the TrackIR 5 hardware and software, using various driving games I noticed that the movement of the 3 actuators no longer responded as before...
The movements of the 3DOF were slow and out of time and synchronous, while the movement of my head (and the corresponding movement inside the various cars) was right.

I did several different tests without any positive results... the 3DOF seemed crazy while the TrackIR 5 worked well, but with the wrong movements of the actuators it is not possible to simulate!

So I decided to uninstall TrackIR 5 (hardware and software) and my 3DOF motion system is back to normal, with all the movements that perform exactly the roughness of the ground and the stresses of the cars.

At this point I wonder if it is necessary to make some particular settings to be able to use together a 3DOF dynamic platform and the TrackIR 5.
If someone has encountered these same problems, how did he solve it?

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