Is there any setting for Mouse Emulation?

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Is there any setting for Mouse Emulation?

Post by AllGamer » Thu Jan 10, 2013 8:18 pm

right now it's working 70% to my satisfaction... because the mouse emulation is too fast!

even when the profile is set to 1:1

sometimes the mouse moves just way too far out of even with the tiniest of head movement

i tried lowering the motion control speed in TrackIR software to like 0.5 already, which sort of gives me what i want, but then the rest of the screen doesn't move as left / right I want.

having it at 1 is the ideal number, but then the Mouse Emulation moves too fast.

if the Mouse Emulator has a speed or DPI control setting, then that would be best.

I'm playing combat Fly Sims, MechWarrior, Tanks, and using TIR5 as a natural way to aim at targets, but after a few head movements, then it gets all out of sync, and i have to hit F12 again, precision mode is active

it's just the mouse emulator that multiplies the DPI movement

if it can be also set to 1:1 like TRI5 then it would work perfectly for me.

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Re: Is there any setting for Mouse Emulation?

Post by Seth Steiling » Mon Jan 14, 2013 3:49 pm

If you need more movement left-to-right than up-and-down, you can set the Pitch to 1 and the Yaw to 2 on your motion graph. (This is an example of disparate settings, though th levels you use can obviously vary.) Breaking out their scaling, but still using a linear scaling on both, should allow you to fine tune the control. You can then use the Speed slider to scale both axes at once.
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