TrackIR5+Std. Trackclip - Pitch issue

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TrackIR5+Std. Trackclip - Pitch issue

Post by BullHorn » Wed May 21, 2014 3:24 pm


I just received the TrackIR5 with a standard Trackclip. I mounted the clip to my headphones' head-band using a pair of tire-ups. It's perfect there and identical to how it would sit on a hat.

The problem is when I look up. When I look up directly, it's fine. But if I try to look up and right/left at the same time, one of the two front reflective patches is blocking the rear-top patch and everything instantly goes to hell.
In some situations it goes crazy even when nothing is blocked, but one or two of the reflective patches becomes red in the software.
I also noticed that when I look up, the TrackIR sensor picks up more dots, probably my glasses' lenses.

I tested and got to these conclusions in a perfectly dark room with the computer screen being the only source of light.


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