TrackIR 5 Admin Requirements

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TrackIR 5 Admin Requirements

Post by Kehai » Tue Aug 26, 2014 12:12 pm

First off, just wanted to say hats off to your development and engineering teams - TrackIR is amazing to use! The only complaint I have is with a recent software release. Since version 5.2: users no longer have an option of running your software as a "non admin" user (without manifest/registry hacks afaik). It took me a week to find out why I couldn't get trackIR to work in any of my games (since almost every game I own runs without admin permissions).

I understand that the fix was put in to fix issues with users who run games as the 'admin' user (either because they only have one user on the system, or because they play games that require it). However, it was already very easy for users to change the privilege level to "Run as administrator" when starting TrackIR. Forcing the exe to always run as admin makes it a pain to go in the other direction.

Is there any chance of a future version that removes this requirement? Even a separate EXE that can be downloaded to replace the one the installer gives us would work. For now, I've decided to rollback to version 5.1.3 since I'm not willing to run all my games with admin permissions. If there's an easy way to remove this requirement in the current version/installer please let me know!

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Re: TrackIR 5 Admin Requirements

Post by MikeWitham » Wed Aug 27, 2014 4:35 pm


I've noted the concern and appreciate your feedback. I'm not sure what is in the works for future software releases, but I have forwarded your request to the development team so they can review the request.

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Re: TrackIR 5 Admin Requirements

Post by Boozen » Sun Sep 07, 2014 8:45 am

I too am highly bothered by having to run this application at the admin level when in use.

IT is a poor practice to require software to run at admin level if there is no great over arching need for such.

None of the games I run on this Windows 7 64 bit system require admin level to run. Zero.
If one did, I'd not run it.

IT is a foolish security risk to do so, as it just opens more opportunities for people with ill intent
to cause mayhem on a system.

I only do so as I have to, and very much enjoy what this hardware does for games like
Euro Truck Simulator 2,etc.

That said, I did try what the OP mentioned, reverting back to 5.1.3 and I still have to run
the application with admin rights when launched.
I saw no 'option' as the OP mentioned about running t 5.1.3 without it forcing admin level to run.
However, I will say when I did the 5.1.3 install I saw Windows 7 pop up a warning about
a unsigned driver. Not being the typical person I disallowed 5.1.3 to install the driver.
The TrackIR 5.1.3 ran fine after the install despite this but as I say, forced admin level again on running.

I'm going to uninstall 5.1.3 and reinstall the 5.2.2 as I had installed prior.

I hope the developers pay attention to this issue as I'm sure it is causing a good many
people to pass up using this device. People who are aware of the risks of running other than
core operating system software at admin level.
If I had known this was the case prior to ordering mine and becoming hooked with its use, I'd have never ordered this device. Just saying.

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