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Re: Can't make TrackIR window appear in Windows 10

Posted: Wed May 19, 2021 4:03 am
by Hate to log in
Well happen to me right now, changed the key for F9 enable/disable since it collides with every game. So was about to open it... nowhere to be found, Thing is it's 2021, we have lived with window and multi screens for a long time. So if you please could fix it so it never can be outside any screen, whatever monitor you drag it to, Got 4 monitors, 3 at same resolution 1920x1080 and one at 3840x2180. Been having issues with programs that use .NET for its functions and since I use 200% zoom on the high res monitor so I can read the text in explorer etc. Then the .net program think it's on the screen when it decides to open itself outside the zoomed window. Since most program only zoom and enlarge whats inside their window they work (real windows program) .net zoom in and enlarge it whole window witch makes it very odd when dragging it from a monitor without zoom to the zoomed monitor. Then it sometimes get so big I can see it on all 4 screens at one time, if you then loose the grip of the window so u drop it when it's that zoomed it just disappear... my guess to lower right corner as they describe above.
Changed the monitor to same on all and removed the zoom, after killed the TIR5 from task manager since it didn't pop up the text window to open it from task bar. So after restarting it it was 2 screens wide and 2 screens in height. So last I used it was in full screen on the high res monitor... so where did it go...

Re: Can't make TrackIR window appear in Windows 10

Posted: Thu May 20, 2021 1:30 pm
by joe.lee

Thank you for reporting this, we will look into improving this behavior.
If you wish to reset the window size and make it reappear, we can reset the Settings.xml file, which stores all the settings related to the size of the program window. We can either remove this or rename this file to make TrackIR show up from the default location.
This file is located under: C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\NaturalPoint\TrackIR 5


Re: Can't make TrackIR window appear in Windows 10

Posted: Mon Sep 27, 2021 3:23 pm
by jdg2008
Hi all,

I was thrilled when I encountered this topic in a Google search, as my brand-new TrackIR installation is having this problem. it was ok on first installation, but after tinkering with it for a while, the configuration window has vanished, though TrackIR is listed in task manager.

AMD CPU, Nvidia 1080-class GPU, 34" ultrawide monitor @ 3280x1440.

TrackIR 5, installed 5.4.2 software.

I've gone through all the steps listed in the posts in this thread, but none of the actions has fixed the problem.

When I deleted Settings.xml and rebooted/restarted, it didn't repopulate the file, for some reason. I tried this several times.... I finally did a full destructo uninstall, and the new install (with the USB drivers) did repopulate the Settings.xml file, but TrackIR still starts on boot and will not display a window. If I try to start it from the menu/desktop/taskbar, it just says it's already running, and that's true.

I was able to get my first test racing sim, Project Cars 2, to recognize the TrackIR a couple of times, but now it's just popping up a VR box saying I must 'reset my headset', and I'd like to try to tinker with the configuration to see if there's something in there that I haven't done correctly.

I looked at the Settings.xml file, and it has window settings that appear to be normal:

WindowTop 83
WindowLeft 261
WindowWidth 1254
WindowHeight 809
LayoutMode 110
RunAtStartup 0
RunMinimized 0

One would think that the '0' value for startup and RunMinimized mean that neither is set to TRUE.

I changed the DPI settings properties as suggested in a post from earlier this year, but no joy.

I tried to reset my screen resolution to 'find' the window, but no joy.

As a matter of fact, using Alt-Tab to bring up a windows list shows that Windows doesn't think there's a TrackIR window at all; it appears there's just the driver in the task manager.

I am curious why the Settings.xml file didn't repopulate, and why the clean re-install seems to have the windows dimensions that I set when it was working yesterday.

Can anyone offer a suggestion as to how to proceed in further diagnostics?

Should I try to install a back-version to see if there's any difference

Thanks in advance,


Re: Can't make TrackIR window appear in Windows 10

Posted: Sat Oct 09, 2021 6:11 am
by jdg2008
After some work, I have (mostly) managed to get myTrackIR working.

I decided to restore to a recovery point in Windows 10, which it had fortunately set for me right before I did my TrackIR installation, and found the obscure tidbit about removing the hidden config file cache that Windows sets aside for you, and managed to get a truly clean re-install.

That let me get the config window back again, at which point I found that Steam and Oculus are apparently not maintaining a separation of church and state, and that when I started my Sim in Steam VR mode, the Oculus app started up and blocked my access to my sim due to not finding a headset.

I was only using the Oculus app to run my sim in VR, so I just nuked that app, and now I can get TrackIR working.

It still complains about the headset, but if I select the Project Cars 2 icon at the bottom of the screen, it runs, and head tracking works.

My remaining problem is that when the sim starts, the TrackIR window still 'goes away', and I cannot access it if I want to tweak my profiles. It may be an app setting, I'll look around.