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Stuttering/Erratic movement

by Mintalicious » Sun Nov 12, 2017 3:11 pm

I use TrackIR 5 with the Track Clip Pro. If I look too far to the right (roughly about 45° real-world) it freaks out and starts having a seizure, and if I look farther, it continues to just look straight down.

All 3 IR lights from the Track Clip Pro are visible and in the center of the camera, and it's not picking up any other light source -- looking left works fine. I've noticed that having all 3 light sources above center will cause it to move extremely quickly, while having all 3 light sources below center will cause it to happen much more slowly, as if I'm actually looking down.

The problem is independent of any curves and only happens when Pitch movement is enabled. If I look at about 40° and recenter my view, turning my head the remaining 5° will cause the same issue, making me think it's a problem with physical positioning or tracking and not software. Regardless, I've reinstalled the software twice, once quickly and once completely (Deleting every remnant of the software I could find), and am trying a previous version as well with no dice to fix my issue.

Here is a video of what's happening;
YouTube makes it a bit difficult to see the lights in the small Camera View panel, but I promise there is absolutely nothing going on there. None of the lights are ever lost, nor are any extra ones picked up, I'm purely just moving my head as level as I can to the right. The same thing happens if everything is disabled but Pitch: after about 45°, it suddenly looks straight down.

It's not a huge problem for me since it's just about over the edge of where it's still comfortable to look at my screen while my head it turned, but if I move my head too far, I find myself looking at the ground which can be a little disorienting, so I figured I would see if anyone else has or has had this problem, or if anyone knows how to fix it.
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by Bentbins » Mon Nov 27, 2017 9:52 pm

Getting the same problem. Just installed a nVidia 1070 card so must be linked to that?
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by Bentbins » Mon Dec 04, 2017 1:06 am

Or possibly related to keyboard RazerBlackwidow (and associated software) ?? Anybody else having this issue?
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by joe.lee » Wed Dec 06, 2017 2:05 pm


It looks like this is happening when you turn the head 90 degrees, or more, to look straight towards the right. At this point, the software might get confused in determining the orientation because the markers form a symmetrical shape in the captured frame. I believe this is what's happening in the video.

Since you wouldn't be looking away from the monitor anyways, I would recommend increasing the "speed" setting of the tracking so that you don't have to turn your head all the way towards the right to see something in the game.

Thank you,
Joseph Lee
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by Mintalicious » Thu Dec 07, 2017 10:15 am

Do you mean 90° in-curve or 90° in real life? It glitches out at about half that angle near 45°, and I don't see what you mean by having the markers form a symmetrical shape; it's nearly as un-symmetrical as they can get. (This is the view the camera has when it starts freaking out:

The TrackIR Clip is on the left side of my headset, and this happens only when I look right, moving it closer to the camera. Increasing or decreasing physical distance from the camera also doesn't change the result. Looking left works exactly as expected.

I have the speed/curves turned up currently to allow myself to look straight backwards in-game, but I would much prefer a lower setting if possible. As I said before it's not a deal-breaking problem but it would be nice to use the full range of motion for tracking head movement.
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by AndyGandy » Wed Feb 07, 2018 1:03 pm

I can confirm. The problem persist. If I look to the right everything is start to dance. If I look left everything is strong smooth as desired. All points are visible clean at camera view. No jagging. The same as usual. You have some problems with tracking interpolation guys.

Also I have found and was shoking surprized that your ClipPro is not so accurate as passive vector.
It is simple to check.

Turn smoothness to 0 and watch vector shaking. It not so big.
After that turn on ClipPro button. The shaking goes 10 times bigger!

I believe these problems are related to each other. Hope you will fix it soon!
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