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TrackIR Device Not Detected

by junkyspam7 » Fri Dec 01, 2017 3:42 am

My TrackIR was working fine a couple of days but with the release of the W10 Fall Update and P3D v4.1 in the last couple of months, I wanted to do a clean build from scratch.

Having only installed the W10 Fall Update and the latest Nvidia Geforce drivers v388.31 as of 28/11/17, I then installed the Naturalpoint v5.4.2 software and drivers. However, this did not activate the TrackIR and it still shows as 'Unknown device' in Device Manager.

Now, I know this is an ongoing issue for many people and I have had it before myself but the usual advice here on the support forum and the internet has not managed to resolve the issue this time. I have tried reinstalling, removing from registry and reinstalling, pointing the driver to the correct folder, etc etc.

I can keep battling with it and hope that it will suddenly magically work like it did last time but it's quite a frustrating process.

As none of the solutions suggested don't work, my query really is this: in light of the frequency of this issue and the fact that both W10 and programs such as P3Dv4 have been updated recently, does Naturalpoint have any plan to upgrade their software for compatibility? It hasn't been updated since 13 April 2016, over a year and a half, which seems strange.
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by junkyspam7 » Sat Dec 02, 2017 6:44 am

Guys, managed to fix it. I had taken an image of my clean install with Macrium Reflect Free Edition prior to installing TrackIR so i reverted back to it.

I then installed the TrackIR software, took two goes for it to install. Only then did I physically plug the camera in and it worked.

I love my Macrium Reflect!
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by sergiobarragan » Fri Dec 22, 2017 7:14 pm

Que increíble que aún ahora no haya solucionado el problema del trackir no device detected. Es lamentable. Me pasó tal cual, instalé la última versión del controlador y no me funcionar, tengo windows 8, y no anda. Les pregunto encarecidamente ¿Cuándo van a atender nuestros llamados? ¿Cuándo solucionaran el problema de que no detecta el dispositivo? Es una vergüenza ver como no solucionan este problema que por lo visto son miles los usuarios los que lo tenemos. Deja mucho que desear.
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