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TrackIr5 device not connected

by NaturalFlier » Tue Dec 05, 2017 5:38 am


I have a problem with TI5. I get this warning when I start ir program. I already try to reinstall software and drivers, but nothing helps. I read old forum topics of this problem but didn't find anything what takeaway this thing.

Thank you for your help already guys
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by joe.lee » Wed Dec 06, 2017 1:31 pm


Does the device get properly recognized in the Device Manager in Windows? If the driver is properly installed, it should get listed under NaturalPoint group.

You could also try removing some of the registries after uninstalling the software and before reinstalling it. That might resolve the issue here. Please follow the below steps:

1. Remove TrackIR from add/remove programs
2. Remove NaturalPoint Drivers from add/remove programs.
3. Delete NaturalPoint folder from Program Files x86
4. Delete NaturalPoint folder from %APPDATA% location.
5. Open regedit.exe as an administrator
6. Search for and delete the folder name "NaturalPoint". This is usually located under CURRENT_USER > Software.
8. Reboot PC
9. Download the latest installer from the website (
10. Right-click and install as an administrator
12. Plug in TrackIR and verify the driver install.
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