Solved: Strange X axis behaviour Thrustmaster wheel

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Wille Wilse
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Solved: Strange X axis behaviour Thrustmaster wheel

Post by Wille Wilse » Sat Dec 09, 2017 4:34 am


When turning my Thrustmaster T300RS wheel small movements left and right the x-axis does quick "jumps". This strange thing happens in the software of Track Ir5 - its seems to coincide with the wheel movements.
Default profile smooth choosen here, same thing happens when i create a profile and uses "One-One"
This happens both ingame and whithout a game running. Sometimes there are bigger jumps too like I am looking up to the roof.
See the youtube film for how it looks.
Hope someone here knows what to do.

I am using the latest drivers for my wheel - updated them though I had an older driver when this phenomena occured.
I used the latest software for Track Ir when the problem arised and I have uninstalled them and tried with the earlier version - same issue.
Using Win 10 btw.

There is a small screw on the back top of the wheel holding the red stripe that is used to help you know where the center of the wheel is - ie when steering straight. That tiny screw was reflecting the ir just a tiny bit that made it jump like it did in the video.
Fixed it by a tiny bit of black paper and some ordinary tape...

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