trackir and steering wheel conflict

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trackir and steering wheel conflict

Post by jcoha13 » Thu Mar 15, 2018 4:03 pm

i'm running under windows 7 64 bits, and i have a problem with the TS-PC Racing whell i have just bought.
everything was working perfectly with previous force feedback wheel, but now when the new wheel is on a certain position (about 120-140 degres right or left) it often makes the trackir software make a full look movement to the same direction.
I tried both the wheel and trackir on different usb ports but no success
It a gigabyte sniper motherboard with latest intel usb 3.0 driver
trackir is also the latest version 5.4.2
both wheel driver and firmware were also updated.
The problem occur in games of couse but also directly with trackir tracking software.
Any idee?

thank you

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Re: trackir and steering wheel conflict

Post by joe.lee » Thu Mar 22, 2018 1:30 pm

Hello Jchoa13,

We have discussed this issue over the email already, but I am going to share this so that other users are aware. We narrowed this issue down to be extraneous IR lights that appear as you rotate the wheel, this problem was resolved by covering up those extra illuminations. In general, if there are odd tracking behaviors, please open the TrackIR camera view and check what the device is seeing. Ideally, it should only see three green markers that are on the tracking clip. Any extraneous reflections/illuminations may negatively affect the tracking.

Joseph Lee
NaturalPoint | Customer Support Engineer

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