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TrackIr lagging caused by "some other program"

Posted: Sun Jan 06, 2019 4:41 pm
by BeeFlow
I've been using TIR with P3D, FSX, etc, without problems, for many years. Last year, I bought a 3rd party ATC program called PF3. For some reason, when using PF3, I get intermittent periods of fierce lag (up to 5 seconds) when I move my head in TIR, using P3D. If I let some other program have the focus, like LittleNavMap or ASp3d4 - or even Firefox, the lag stops; TrackIr is not affected and works nominally with PF3 running. If I use Radar Contact for ATC, there is no lag. Somewhere, there's a resource logjam. Does P3D monopolize some port or channel as long as it has the focus? TIA