TrackIR 5 interferes with FSUIPC???

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TrackIR 5 interferes with FSUIPC???

Post by ESchell » Fri Feb 08, 2019 3:31 am

As I am a new member in this forum, hello to everyone and I am glad to be a registered User now.

I am using FSX Gold Edition (Acceleration), FSUIPS latest version, LINDA, ECZA V 1.6, Aerosoft Airbus A 320 (not the professional version) and FSGRW.

I configured the SAITEK Throttle Quadrant with FSUIPS's axis assignment (Throttle 1, Throttle 2 and Spoiler)
Now I realized a very strange issue

If I start the FSX, the throttle lever and the spoiler axis working as they should.
BUT if I start TrackIR, the throttle levers start "jumping" from Idle to reverse and vice versa. The spoiler jumping from Spoiler arm on to spoiler arm off.
After shutting down TrackIR 5, the levers working as they should.

Have anyone an idea about this interference between TrackIR and FSUIPC?

Best regards

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