annoying head twitching every 5 seconds

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annoying head twitching every 5 seconds

Post by oscar19681 » Thu Feb 14, 2019 7:59 am

Hello, i have had my track IR 5 for about 3 months now and it seemed to work fine apart from the occasional head twitch that makes track IR seem like its twitching or having a seasure or something. But now it suddenly had gone so bad that it happens every 10 or 30 seconds and makes my flight in DCS Impossible bacause of it. When i look straight all of the sudden the screen will go all directions for no reason at all. I checked it in the Track i ir menu and the upper of the 3 dots dissapears or stretches for some reason producing this eppileptic behavure rendering Track IR useless. I tried to clean the IR camera, put a towel over my TV (its behind me), take of my glasses to see if it help but it doesnt. I checked my Track clip but there seems to be nothing wrong with it. Moving the IR brightness to 15 does help a little bit with the twitching, but still the view will just look at 180 dergrees or move to weird directions when i not even slightly moving me head. I really want to find a fix for this given the fact i payed a lot of money for this product. Only to find out that it degrades for no reason at all after 3 months

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Re: annoying head twitching every 5 seconds

Post by Chris.Johnson » Thu Feb 14, 2019 2:31 pm

Hello oscar19681,

Could you email with this message so that we may open up a support ticket for you? We may be able to resolve this with a remote session.
All the Best,
Chris Johnson
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