Il2 BOS TrackIR causes game to freeze

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Il2 BOS TrackIR causes game to freeze

Post by Gravy12 » Sun Sep 15, 2019 3:30 am

Upon entering a mission or campaign or quick mission or what have you, I activate trackIR by pressing the unpause button (mapped to my keyboard) and the game freezes, there is no error message or CTD or prompt, I can hear the sounds in the game but everything else is unresponsive, I can still see the graphics on screen cockpit etc. but it is "frozen" so to speak. This happens only when I engage trackIR, I have tested the game without trackIR running but that is of course no good as it is difficult for me to play without it these days.

Some specs

TrackIR 4 running 5.4.2 software bought it in 2014 so it's old but functions in other flight sims fine.

i7-7700K 4 core@ 4.20 GHz
64 bit windows 10 home edition
16GB Ram (forget what model/make)


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