Desktop productivity - virtual desktops (Non-Gaming)

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Desktop productivity - virtual desktops (Non-Gaming)

Post by oliverpolden » Mon Oct 07, 2019 6:42 am

I couldn't find any discussion around this subject. I have a VR headset and I do share/stock/forex trading. It would be nice to use VR for multiple virtual monitors instead of buying real monitors however the resolution just isn't there in VR yet. Hololens is too expensive and again the resolution/FOV (field, of view) isn't there yet.

It would be great to have TrackIR perform like a frame for viewing multiple virtual desktops. These virtual desktops could be the same native resolution of the monitor or perhaps a bit lower.
e.g. say you have 3x3 virtual desktops:
- When you look straight you would see the whole of the centre desktop and possibly the corners and edges of the desktops round the edge.
- I think that depth could work reasonably nicely as well, with some zoom settings. e.g. in normal position you would have a 1:1 resolution of the desktops, sitting back you would zoom out and at the furthest back you could see all desktops.
- Perhaps it could be an option to snap to a virtual desktop so it stays still unless you turn/move your head a significant distance

Any ideas? Would others like to see this?

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