TrackIR camera is not detected in the computer/TrackIR Software

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TrackIR camera is not detected in the computer/TrackIR Software

Post by Cabbage » Sat May 09, 2020 4:06 am

I got my TrackIR 5 this week (it arrived 04-05-2020). At first I had not problems with the hardware and everything worked fine. When I tried to use it yesterday (08-05-2020) it started acting weird. The camera tracked weirdly and sometimes not at all. I started DCS World and when I went into a multiplayer server the trackIR stopped tracking my headmovements and send them into the game (trackIR software still tracked my movement). The left LED was lit with the color green but not the right. I restarted the game but the same issue was still there. I then unpluged the camera from the USB connection from the computer and inserted it again. For a 3-6 seconds everything worked as I should, tracking and everything but then everything stopped. The LED went dark and the TrackIR software stopped detecting the Camera.

From this point I started to do several different tests to see what the issue was, I also did some reading here on the forums. I tried to reinstall the software and remove all the NaturalPoint drivers but nothing works. When I start the TrackIR software I get the no device detected message in the top left corner. Finially before I went to bed last night I did a full system reset on my computer and reset everything, clean wipe of all the disks. This morning I installed every essentional program and then installed TrackIR as per instructed by the TrackIR 5 Guide on the naturalpoint website. Sadly nothing works and I get the same message as before, "no device detected". I cant find the TrackIR camera in the device manager either so I think it has something to do with the TrackIR camera and not the computer now.

I dont know what to do anymore and I fear the worst that something is broken in the TrackIR camera. Maybe I have forgotten something? I just dont know.. What should I do next? Is there anything more I can do to test if the camera is broken or something?

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Re: TrackIR camera is not detected in the computer/TrackIR Software

Post by jon.campbell » Sat May 09, 2020 12:16 pm

Hi Cabbag,

Can you send a support ticket to
Jon Campbell
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