TrackiR 5 and assignment/replace for axle

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TrackiR 5 and assignment/replace for axle

Post by GranDoxin » Sun Nov 08, 2020 8:38 am

To experiment, i need to swap the axes, for example X and Yaw.
I used TrackiR 4 a few years ago and I was good at it.
Now I am using TrackiR 5 and cannot find a way to do it.
With TrackiR 4 it was very easy, but I can't remember how.
It seems to me that earlier by selecting the trackir-axis in the drop-down list, you could put a checkbox for the desired virtual axis.
But now it works differently - the checkbox only determines which axes the "head" reacts in the viewport.

Can anyone confirm if there was such a possibility before, or am I wrong?
Is there a way how to do this?
I would be grateful for your help!

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