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Getting Severe Shake in X-Plane using XCamera and a Specisif plane

Posted: Wed Mar 10, 2021 4:05 am
by Stimk
I have been using TrackIr & Xcamera for some months with no issues

I installed the iniBuilds A300 and now when I start X-plane and use the A300 and use track IR with XCamera i get significant shaking of the screen to the extent that buttons are very hard to read.

Turning Off TrackIR or Xcamera removes the problem.

Changing planes the problem continues but is less pronounced

Exiting & restarting X-plane with another plane the problem does not occur

Then changing planes to the A300 and enabling TrackIr, trackIr does not work but the image is stable. Then enabling XCamera, TrackIr and XCamera work.

The Shaking seems to Occur when starting X-Plane and resuming a Flight in the A300

Has anyone else met this issue?