problem with centering

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problem with centering

Post by TK7 » Sun Mar 14, 2021 6:35 pm

have a problem using the centering function when I'm in flight sims. If I am looking upward at another airplane & I then center my view back to original center position of my own instrument panel or gunsight by using the centering key, I find that I get my original center view back, but can no longer look up at the other airplane . The center position gets redefined because I hit the centering button while looking up.
I see this mentioned in the user manual :
"The Center hotkey allows you to re-center your in-game view. Every time the Center hotkey is pressed, it re-defines your current head position as the new center."
This explanation doesn't seem quite correct though. If I'm looking up and hit the centering key, I can no longer look upward again at all, or can look upward only a short way. The only way to get back to looking up again is to look downward & then hit the centering key again. By then, what I was looking at in the first place is gone.( I hope I explained this OK).
Is there any way to have the centering key just have you go back to the original center view and original parameters without re-defining the center position? To me, this is my biggest problem using Track Ir.

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Re: problem with centering

Post by RustInPieces » Fri Jun 18, 2021 12:41 pm

I think the problem is how far the camera can track. If you look up too far it stops tracking. So if you center while looking up and look up more, it might hit that limit.

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